A Vision For The Future

I see media as an area of concentration that is at once responsible for creating a lasting record of life's fleeting moments and, at the same time, setting the foundation for exploring new ways of connecting people to each other.   As media producers we have the obligation to inspire the public to see the world not as a static set upon which they may perform their individual scripts, but a multi-dimensional universe that can be traversed at any moment without the constraints of space or time.   Our mission should be to facilitate an interactive approach to media.   Media artifacts must be able to be mixed among individuals as easily as text documents.   Technologies employing augmented reality, GPS, and synchronous imaging will become increasingly central to our field.   We will be required to preserve and extract unique moments in time while connecting these moments with those of others who have shared, or in some distant future find themselves sharing, identical spatial locations.

John C. Dailey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Radio/Television/Video
121 Walker Hall
University of the Ozarks
Clarksville, AR, 72830

Eagle Falls

Cumberland Falls State Park, Kentucky - May, 1983
Kodachrome 25

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"Let interactive design grow up from content, not out of your head." - Dr. John