Digital Image Design

This course serves to provide an introduction to digital image creation and graphic design. Fundamentals of digital imaging software, image manipulation, digital design, typography and motion graphics will be covered. We will emphasize the aesthetic understanding and practical application of digital content as effective visual communication.

212 Syllabus

Student Work
Phillip Bradley - Logo
Michael Brown - Logo - Photo Montage
Brian Calvert - Logo
Kate Durham - Logo
Sarah Esterline - Logo
Elizabeth Graham - Logo
Michael Groft - Logo
Jenna James - Photo Montage - Short Story Video
Rob Kramig - Photo Montage
Michael Kujawski - Logo - Short Story Video
Brent Lyle - Logo
Kim Lytle - Logo
Sean May - Short Story Video
Giovanni Rozzi - Logo
Daniel Waldkirch - Logo - Short Story Video
Nicholas Walters - Logo

I Get Misty

I Get Misty

Shakertown Village - Kentucky
Kodachrome 25

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"Let interactive design grow up from content, not out of your head."  - Dr. John